How Much Does a Resin Driveway Cost? The million dollar question…

This is the question we get asked most of all – but it’s not something we can readily put a price on as there are several factors which affect cost.

Rather than totally ignore the elephant in the room, we’d like to try and explain why.  So here goes…


The short answer:

No one job is ever the same – and the cost of each job depends on several factors:

  • the area to be covered
  • the base upon which it is to be laid
  • the meticulous preparation work  needed to get the base to meet the resin manufacturer’s specifications in order to validate your guarantee
  • any additional work that needs to be undertaken


If you have the answers to the above then give us a call and we may be able to give you indicative prices over the phone.

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The medium answer:

Also, if you’re comparing prices of resin bound with other alternatives like tarmac, block paving or concrete then we’d also like to point out that you need to compare like for like and consider other long-term variables rather than a one-off installation price.

These include longevity, weathering, and even maintenance.  So we like to talk you through the long-term benefits of choosing a resin drive so you can make an informed choice rather than one based purely on a one-off cost.


Our beautiful resin driveways:

  • are visually stunning even 10 years later – so unlike the alternatives they won’t need re-laying after a few years saving you money long-term.
  • don’t fade or discolour.
  • are weed resistant.
  • are porous and fully SUDs compliant.
  • durable and hard wearing.
  • and are really low maintenance.
  • give your house instant kerb appeal [important if you ever look to sell your home].


Yes, a resin driveway is a long-term investment, but that’s why we offer a MASSIVE 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.  Can other alternatives match that high quality over 10 years?


More Info:  Why I Should Choose Resin >



The long answer:

Your resin driveway comes with a massive 10 Year Guarantee so we need to design and deliver a driveway and functional outside space which will cover all your needs for the next decade!

During our free survey we will discuss your needs which will include not only your driveway but also how you intend to use the entire space over the next 10 years. This is to ensure we deliver a driveway that is multifunctional, as well as being visually stunning.

So it’s important to think of the space in its entirety and not just as a place to park your car. Your ideal driveway may need to incorporate steps, flower beds, fences, gates, drainage etc – it may even need widening to give you that extra car space!

So as well as the actual preparation required to install a resin driveway, you have to consider other costs to make it a usable space too.


Preparation is Key

The cost of your driveway depends on the preparation work needed to be undertaken.  We have to undertake this preparation work to ensure the resin is laid to the resin manufacturer’s specifications in order to validate your 10 Year Guarantee.

Preparation work could possibly include:

  • power washing
  • excavating
  • taking away and environmentally disposing of any unwanted materials
  • remedial works such as tarmacing and concreting


We pride ourselves on being meticulous in our preparation to ensure it looks good – not only after being laid, but throughout its lifetime.


Other Cost Considerations

Other considerations affecting cost are:

  • the type of resin finish or even finishes [we highly recommend a 2 colour driveway]
  • any accompanying finishes [eg block edgings, pin kerbs, trims]
  • any additional work [widening of the driveway or area, installing fences, steps, gates, brickwork, raised beds etc – we can do it all]
  • any necessary water drains and drain and manhole covers 


We hope you can now see the importance of a free site survey.  If you would like to discuss your ideas then get a free quote now.

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