Harrogate, North Yorkshire

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Location: Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Technical Issue: Too much aggregate mixed with the resin(incorrect ratios) laid over incorrect sub base (flags & pebbles)

Outcome: The aggregate (gravel) is coming loose and weeds are pushing up through the finished resin surface due to bad preparation and execution.

This job was completed by a local Harrogate based company who advised this elderly couple that the existing flagstones and pebbles were ok to overlay the resin on and would create the perfect surface for the disabled access required for their wheel chair.


Once completed the area started to fail within a week and the company promised to rectify the problems once the balance had been paid in full.12 months on the company has not done as promised and is advising the repair  work is now chargeable and not covered by any guarantee as they initially said.


This poor couple have got more than they bargained for when wanting to enhance their home with new pathways and patio. They now face a long legal battle to try and resolve this situation.


We say- if a company is happy to overlay on flags/blocks and hard-core you have to ask the question “do they know what they are doing?” “are they aware and trained on correct specifications & installation methods?

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