Malton, North Yorkshire

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Location: Malton, North Yorkshire

Technical Issue: Surface failure due to incorrect resin to stone ratios.

Outcome: In less than 2 years the drive has lost most of its colour and is cracking and crumbling

Installers using inadequate imitation resins with too much stone to resin ratio is a common wide spread problem in the industry at the moment. This unfortunate couple payed 14k on a job that should have cost around 17k. A significant saving initially and they were highly deleted with the finished job. But now not even 2 years on the drive Has failed and needs redoing and the company in question has ceased trading and will not honour the guarantee given. Yorkshire Resin driveways are not only high quality and visually appealing, but all of our driveways come with a Yorkshire Resin Company 10 Year Guarantee. Contact Us now for a quote on your driveway today.

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