Wetherby, North Yorkshire

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Location: Wetherby, North Yorkshire

Technical Issue: Incorrect sub base , bad preparation , poor choice of materials and bad installation.

Outcome: Had the resin gone down over this badly prepared job the finished surface would have failed in many ways in a matter of months.

Luckily for this couple we at the Yorkshire Resin Company Ltd. had quoted for the works and informed them on correct sub-base  and correct Resin Overlay Procedures. They knew the installers were way off the mark so they put a stop to the works on the day the resin was due to go down. This unfortunate couple were fooled by a salesman offering the same service and installation as we were, but at a  considerably cheaper price. The couple now not only face a legal battle to recover costs but this unscrupulous company have become hostile and are chasing them for the outstanding balance!

Our say about this - You should be alert when speaking with salemen. Do not simply take on their word alone, always do research and try to look at work that has been down over a year or two. Also you should never pay for a deposit until you are 100% confident with your purchase. We have a name for companies like this one called “sugar coaters”! Anyone can make an area look nice to the untrained eye by covering it in resin! If the sub-base is not right the only thing that can be guaranteed is that the job will fail in short period of time! 

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