Whitby, North Yorkshire

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Location: Whitby, North Yorkshire

Technical Issue: Way too much aggregate to resin , ratios and the aggregate size is wrong and has been laid over an uncleaned, un-primed existing concrete surface resulting in the aggregate coming lose under foot traffic. The resin has also micro foamed giving it a white appearance due to being laid in wet conditions.

Outcome: This Harrogate based company is becoming a horror stories regular.

Another unfortunate elderly couple were sold a dream driveway only in reality to have a group of sub-contractors turn up mob handed to prepare and complete this large job in one day (should of taken 3-4 days to complete properly).

The couple were aware it wasn’t being done as agreed but were intimidated into letting the works commence. They have been left with an abomination of a resin driveway which after weeks is crumbling beneath their feet and a long stressful legal battle to resolve the situation.

We say- This is a horror story in every sense of the word! This kind of job is happening all over the country due to customers taking unscrupulous sales men at face value. We try to urge anyone thinking of a resin driveway to research the companys ,and the products they use before giving them orders! Resin driveways are not easy or cheap to correct once done wrong.

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