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3 Pros of a Resin Driveway

While a driveway might at first seem to serve only a practical purpose, they can contribute a lot more to property aesthetics than some might think. As something that is always exposed and usually at the front of the home, the driveway is nearly always visible. For people that care about how their home looks from the outside, this is a pretty big deal.

With this in mind, many people insist on a driveway that looks as good as possible and complements the rest of the home. For those that are looking for a decorative driveway, our resin driveways help to create just what they want.

Neat and Tidy

One of the biggest problems with aggregate is that the aggregate can easily become lost and dispersed. This helps to create an untidy appearance and will require maintenance to keep it looking neat and tidy. With our resin bonded driveways, however, the aggregate is kept in place, helping to make sure that the driveway is always presentable. It also prevents the need to have the aggregate replaced over time.


Loose or uneven aggregate and paving can present a safety hazard. It can be easy to trip on uneven surfaces, especially if you have your hands full with shopping or other items. With resin driveways, however, the surfaces will remain even. So such hazards are unlikely to present themselves!

In addition, rain and spillages can lead to wet, slippery surfaces which can also lead to potential hazards. With our resin driveways, though, surface water can drain away easily due to being SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant, helping to prevent slipping hazards from developing. Also, oils and other substances that might make the surface slippery can be washed away with ease.

Low Maintenance

Keeping a driveway in good condition could potentially be quite a chore. Aggregate will need to be kept tidy and slabs will need to be kept clean. This is going to be particularly difficult considering the driveway is exposed to the weather, footfall and dirty tyres. In some cases, there can be quite a bit of scrubbing involved to get surfaces clean and weeds can also present a significant problem.

Resin coated surfaces, however, are easy to keep clean thanks to the protective barrier that prevents dirt and grime from taking a hold. In addition, the seal ensures that weeds have no place to take root, preventing them from taking hold in the first place.

If you are considering having a resin driveway installed, there are clearly plenty of reasons to go ahead with the decision. Give us a call for more information and guidance!

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Totally satisfied, a honest and reliable company. From start to finish, the whole experiences was seem less. From design, preparation to finish. Everything was explained clearly and on time. The finished drive and Garden look great and I will be recommending the Yorkshire Resin Company.

Chaz Allsop
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