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3 Ways to Improve Public Outdoor Spaces

The Yorkshire Resin Company is one of the UK’s market leaders in resin surface installation. We not only pride ourselves on providing bespoke designs for homeowners, but also manage large projects for commercial clients and local councils too.

Indeed, we have observed a considerable growth in the number of projects that we have undertaken for business owners and councils. We believe that this is the result of three key benefits that a resin surface provides so as to improve public outdoor areas.

1. Safety Features of a Resin Surface

Since the middle of the 1990s a number of local councils across the UK began to adopt resin as their preferred means of surfacing children’s play areas. It now seems somewhat medieval that, prior to this point, the surfacing of such areas was laid as tarmac or concrete.

Resin bound surfaces had a slow commercial uptake throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, but technological advancements in the production of resin ultimately meant that the price point at which a resin surface was offered to the consumer decreased.

As increasing numbers of commercial consumers embraced resin surfaces, manufacturing became more widespread, leading to further reductions in its production. This led to a situation whereby, thanks to its remarkable safety features, a resin surface became the widespread norm in the surfacing of commercial and public spaces.

Aside from the fact that resin is much softer than concrete and tarmac, it is also permeable and absorbs rainwater that filters it through its surface – helping to prevent pooling and slipping hazards.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that a resin bound surface is not prone to cracking. Concrete paving slabs are particularly hazardous in this regard and the surface can become unbalanced. Due to the fact that resin is poured into place, once the mixture sets and is levelled, it is effectively laid as a single piece of material. This means that it remains even and free from cracks in the long-term.

2. The Maintenance of a Resin Surface

The ease with which resin surfaces can be maintained is a viable means with which a public space can be improved in relation to long-term hygiene. Concrete and flagstones tend to collect a lot of dirt within their gaps, which can be incredibly labour intensive to remove.

Oil, bird droppings and chewing gum are also particularly troublesome on concrete surfaces and can permanently stain them; requiring many hours of maintenance work. The maintenance of grass is similarly arduous due to its frequent need for care and attention.

Again, because a resin surface is laid as a singular piece of material there is no opportunity for dirt to collect within any grooves or gaps. Moreover, oil will not permanently stain a resin surface and can often be removed with nothing more than hot soapy water and a sponge.

3. Design Adaptability of a Resin Surface

As well as being an incredibly safe and low-maintenance option, resin has the ability to improve a public space by being so adaptable to the existing landscape. Concrete and tarmac are generally only available in harsh greys and blacks, presenting a somewhat brutal, urban image that is nothing short of an eyesore.

We offer resin surfacing in over 25 different colour schemes and provide the consumer with a varied range of pigmentations that can easily be incorporated into proposed design schemes. We readily work alongside exterior designers and architects and offer products that compliment any type of design or colour scheme that they may have in mind.

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Excellent job . My drive looks great. I can certainly recommend this company to friends. All involved in the different stages worked so hard and were very considerate. Thank you

Yvonee Sanderson
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