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Can weeds grow through my resin driveway?

The short answer is no, a resin driveway if installed correctly should be weed resistant, no weeds should grow through the surface, however it is possible for seedlings in the air to land on the resin driveway and cause some growth. To stop the growth water down some strong weed killer significantly and apply to the weeds, make sure to water down the weed killer as it may discolour the surface.

It’s unlikely other unwanted growth will appear too such as moss and algae, but it has been know with ideal weather conditions to appear, you should treat this in the same way as weeds and apply moss and algae killer to problems areas, following manufacturer’s instructions in doing so.

So, how can I maintain my resin driveway?

General maintenance and cleaning can be done all year round such as removing leaves, sand and other unwanted materials, we recommend a stiff brush to go over the surface, hosing down in areas with clean water.

It’s important to understand that staining from debris can occur if general maintenance is now maintained, you will find stubborn, unwanted stains such as grime can be removed if you have the right equipment to do so, here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we offer an annual pressure washing surface from our sister company Power Clean UK.

What other maintenance measures may be needed?

Accidents happen as we all know, so if engine fluid, oil etc hits the resin driveway surface it’s important to know that this should be removed immediately, this can be done with a mild detergent mixed with warm water and applied to the surface with a stiff brush.

Tyre marks can appear on the surface, this is caused when wheels are turned on the surface whilst the vehicle is stationary. If they do appear then simply white down with a white spirit and wash clear with emulsifier.

The Yorkshire Resin Company

Here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we take great pride in the level of service we provide, we always work to the correct specifications, we’ve worked in groundworks for over 25 years.

We’ll provide you with the very best in materials, our team hold industry approved accreditations and fully insured.

Our resin driveway installations come with a 10 year guarantee, we’ll even provide you with a reduced annual power clean if you so wish.

To find out more about our resin driveways fill out one of our online contact forms or call us directly on 0113 272 1030.


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