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Choosing The Right Edging For Your New Resin Driveway

So, you have decided you need a new driveway, you have made the decision that you would like a new resin driveway but one thing that is bothering you is what edging you need for the resin surface you have already chosen. 

It’s important to get the right edging for you, the important choice of choosing the surface has been done even the style and colour choice has been made but what about the finishing touches? This is what will set the driveway apart from the others. 

It really doesn’t matter if the driveway or surface area is small or large but it is the small finishing touches that count. It really can make all the difference when you select the right accessories. 

All resin driveways or patios will need some kind of restraint with a type of edging and these can be found below. 


Block Paving 

A strong and robust edge to your resin driveway, the selling points of block paving is that you can get creative, make it a focal point and feature of the driveway or garden area. 

Kinley Edging Systems 

This is an edging that be used to separate garden lawns and paths again very strong and durable like block paving. 

Paving Slabs 

These are used like bricks, and cannot just be used as edging but as focal points. 

Existing Walls. 

A good choice if you are not really looking for edging close to the property, this reduces how much edging you will actually need. 

Other options to think about 

You can edge your properties steps, these again can come in a range of styles and colours, and provide anti slip.  

Flexible edging is for creative people looking to add something decretive to your new resin driveway, as this allows you to design patterns in your driveway. This option isn’t a solution for your edging requirements as it’s very light weight, and should be something you use alongside other edging options as stated above. 


If you have any questions about your new resign driveway or edging choices get in touch! Take a look at our Resin driveways here.

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