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Driveway Etiquette

Driveway etiquette – If you own a driveway can you park on the road? 

We all have those neighbours or at least know people that own driveways yet park on the roadside, why do they do this? Are they allowed? Owning a perfectly fine driveway but not using it seems a waste of money. One of recent customers was telling us about a neighbour that had a brand-new resin driveway installed in their Harrogate home but was yet to use it, they didn’t even park in front of the driveway they owned. This seemed an issue for our Harrogate customer as the road was only small and became a bit of a bottle neck area for the street, with cars having to wait to pass the parked vehicle.

We decided to take a look into this further 

Neighbours often fall out over very small trivial things and one of those common reasons is parking. Parking issues can be frustrating and irritating to many. Neighbours that took up too much space or in this case just inconsiderate. 

There isn't a legal entitlement for any resident of property to be able to park outside their home, but we agree most of us should be able to expect to do so. Parking near your neighbour's property as in this case for our customer in Harrogate leads to difficulties, which can be quite hard to confront. 

The law itself has no rules and regulations about parking on a public road as long as the vehicle in questions is taxed and is parked effectively, then they are free to park anywhere they feel on the roadside. 

For those of you that know the highway code it does say we shouldn’t park anywhere that would cause an obstruction to motorists or pedestrians but stops short of saying you can’t park outside another property. 

In this case our Harrogate customers neighbour wasn’t breaking no laws but is breaking some social etiquette as it’s causing our customer an inconvenience.  

Harrogate Driveway 

Our Harrogate customer was just happy with her new resin driveway, now been able to off street park on her driveway solved her parking issues.  

If you have any questions or need any assistance then we are happy to help.  


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