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Everything that you may need to know about shared driveways

Homeowners all over the country normally go their whole lives without having a single issue about a shared driveway in anyway shape or form, but this from time to time is not always the case and, on an occasion, can become an issue. 

A shared driveway normally falls into two distinctive groups, the main one is purely for access, some of the driveway is on one homeowners land and the other part falling into the boundaries on the other homeowner. The other group of driveways is when the driveway itself it outside one property but the owner of the land is owned by a different homeowner. This is when agreements are normally suggested and drawn up so that each homeowner has access. 

Shared driveways started pre the 1930’s it became popular during this time for homeowners to share garage space behind the rear of properties, therefore each neighbour needed access rights. If you find shared driveways on more modern housing this is down to the developers having to maximise space and be economical. 

When it comes to ownership, we recommend that you take a look at the deeds, this will tell you what of the driveway is applicable to your property. You will find in many occasions that one person owns the driveway and others have indeed access to use the driveway. 

In most cases when it comes to maintaining and if needed a new driveway to be excavated and installed that all homeowners should contribute to the upkeep of the driveway costs. So, if you all collectively sit down and decide a new driveway is needed and you go for a new resin driveway, we can work out the payments for you. 

The cost of a resin driveway can be shared approachably to all homeowners fairly. We have worked on a few shared driveways over the years and the cost is something we can have a look at with you. 

If this doesn’t resolve any issues you may have then as a last resort it is possible to buy the remainder of the driveway from the other homeowner. But we do recommend speaking with your neighbour first to try and resolve any issues. 

We are happy to help with any questions you may have regards your new resin driveway, from excavation to installing, from finish to cost.

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