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How Does A Driveway Alarm Work?

A driveway alarm can be installed on to the wall or permeant structure at the driveway entrance, this is to keep unwanted people and vehicles from entering the property and making their way down the driveway. 

A driveway alarm – Security 

After installing your new resin driveway, you may be considering extra security or some peace of mind knowing no one can access your property borders without you knowing when and who. A driveway alarm can be installed to any property it doesn’t matter on the location – Wetherby, Harrogate or Normanton. We have installed driveways all across Yorkshire where properties have driveway alarms – these don’t have to be expensive. 

Driveway alarms, these devices are designed for the detection of people and any vehicle from entering the driveway area and your property boundaries. An integrated alarm system which its purpose is to alert the homeowner of intruders or visitors. 

Many driveway alarms can be part of a wider security system that includes CCTV, lighting and other useful equipment. 

So, what is a driveway alarm? 

Basically, the driveway alarm is just two components, a sensor and a receiver. First, the sensor picks up a person or vehicle which alerts the receiver meaning the homeowner becomes aware. A further option is to go for a wireless option – this includes a transmitter to alert the home owner without the need for wires. 

To have that extra security it is advised to connect the driveway alarm to a burglar alarm, this allows CCTV to pick up on everything that is happening outside the property, and homeowner to view outside the driveway gate. 

Yorkshire Resin Company

We would suggest if the budget allows, once your new resin driveway has been installed then to consider a driveway alarm. As well as the extra security this brings, it could bring down home insurance and your car insurance.  

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