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How to de-ice your driveway and melt ice quickly from your resin driveway?

It’s most certainly that time of year to expect frost and even ice on your driveway during these colder, winter months.

Here is our guide on what to do so make sure you’re well prepared. After all frost and ice can become a problem for many if care isn’t taken.

Your vehicle will need traction that frost and ice can prevent sand and rock salt thrown onto the driveway surface will provide the traction you need.


Throwing sand on the frost

Sand is cheap viable option but you need to be careful not to place too much down onto the surface as this will just become thick and ineffective. This can in some cases become a problem in itself.

Rock Salt, Is it the perfect solution?

Rock salt should thaw the frost quickly allowing the resin driveway to provide more than ample traction to safely leave the driveway.

But why does it work? Ice melts to water at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, rock salt lowers the freezer point of water, this means when ice and salt mix together it will start to melt. Rock salt when applied to frost and ice forms a brine solution and as this brine spreads across the surface more of the frost and ice melts, forming clumps that can easily be removed and cleaned away.

Yorkshire Resin Company

Here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we provide a full aftercare package once your new resin driveway has been installed and this covers all maintenance needed to keep your resin driveway not only looking its very best but one that will last for a very long time. Don’t forget all our resin driveway installations come with a 10 year guarantee.

We offer a vastly reduced annual power clean, this will remove unwanted contamination from your driveway such as moss and lichen, making your resin driveway safer and less slippery on the foot especially in wetter, colder months of the year.

If you have any questions be sure to get in touch, we’re many than happy to help!


All project requirements are different, therefore Yorkshire Resin provide a site survey and quotation FREE of charge. Get a Free Quote!

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A 5 Star company with an excellent product.
On preparation day the men worked very hard in terrible weather conditions.
The drive looks great and has improved the look and value of the house
My only comment is that the surface is slippy when it rains

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