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How to Get the Most Out Of Your Resin Surface

Have you recently had your driveway renovated? Have you finished looking on in awe and amazement as to how smooth and shiny it looks? Don’t worry, this reaction is completely normal. Much like gazing at a new car or the latest mobile phone – you’re scared to use it in case the new look dissipates.

So you may be wondering how you can get the most of your resin surface without losing its shine. Fear no more! Read on to find out how.

Let it Settle

Before you get excited and start parking your vehicle and dancing across the drive, it is highly recommended to let the resin surface settle and strengthen. That way, once solidified, you are more than welcome to start utilising your driveway any way you see fit. If you park a vehicle on the driveway too quickly, the excessive force could lead to dips and grooves, which will ruin the smooth, even surface.

Obviously, pedestrian feet don’t carry the same weight as vehicles, so you are able to access your front door however you like. A hop, a skip – maybe even a jump? Just be wary about parking the 4x4 on fresh resin – you may regret it!

Keep it Clean!

Referring back to the mobile phone analogy, you don’t want your latest gadget to scratch or crack! The same applies to the driveway – kind of. You wish to keep your brand spanking new path fresh and clean, which requires very little maintenance. A stiff bristled brush and some warm water will do the trick. This removes any possible moss build up and removes any build-up of debris, meaning your driveway remains spotless. We recommend you do this once a month to keep on top of it. 

Show it Off!

Don’t be afraid to show off your new driveway! Getting the most out of your resin driveway doesn’t just mean practically – feel free to gloat, too! Need a conversation starter? Mention the driveway. Fancy impressing the neighbours? Show them the driveway!

With maximum flexibility in design and application, there’s no limit as to what you can have for a driveway. So when it’s complete, who wouldn’t waste no time in telling everybody about it?

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Love my drive. It looks fantastic. The team worked hard and left everything tidy. They were a great set of lads would recommend this company .

L Malkin, Batley
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