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How to resolve fence boundary disputes

During our years of experience installing driveways, we have come across neighbours disputing fence boundaries, although this isn’t common it does happen from time to time, even more so when neighbours don’t see eye to eye.

If they can’t be resolved they can become a nightmare and end up in court and that’s not what anyone wants, this cots of court fees can actually be more than the cost of the land itself, not only that but ultimately it puts a delay on your new driveway.

Squatter’s rights

When it comes to boundary disputes there isn’t always a clear cut result in who owns what, the understanding of adverse possession or better known as squatters rights is when someone occupies land belonging to someone else in this case a neighbour without permission and they do so for around 10 years +.

So how do you determine the exact boundary?

First, we advise starting at looking at the original title deeds, this should determine with the language used where the boundary is, you can also find information on neighbouring land by using the Land Registry.

The Land Registry

If the land is registered it will have with it a filed title plan, this normally only shows the general boundaries unless the previous owner submitted exact information.

Sometimes the boundary itself can be unclear, this is when communication is key and talking with the neighbouring land owner could resolve the issue. This isn’t something that has to be done in writing, but it is worth getting a surveyor involved to draw the plans for you to submit them to the Land Registry themselves.

If talking doesn’t resolve the issue?

Neighbours don’t always agree and this is when The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors can offer a dispute service, normally far more cheaply and less time consuming than going to court.

Each party submits their case to the panel, then the surveyors will make a decision based on the evidence provided, it’s not legally binding but you should expect a court to have the same outcome.


Once the land boundary dispute is resolved you can get back to installing your new resin driveway, we have a wide range of colours and finishes you can choose from, for a free onsite survey get in touch.


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