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Our Driveway Care Tips

If you’re reading this, your driveway dreams have probably already come true and you’ve hired a team like ours to install a resin bound or bonded surface in front of your home. You lucky devil you! The smooth, long-lasting surface significantly lowers the chances of dormant puddles, which are a cause of ice and frost damage.

The permeable nature of a resin driveway is resistant to mould and weed growth. Loose stones, cracking and damage from UV rays are covered by a 10-year guarantee too if you chose a YRC driveway. But your resin driveway isn’t indestructible, and there are a few things you should do to maintain its brilliance. Being a driveway company, we’ve also got some great care tips for you below to help you through!

Driveway Care Tips You Should Be Regularly Applying

Firstly, when manoeuvring your vehicle onto the driveway, take care not to turn the steering wheel when parked. Doing so may cause undesirable tyre marks to plague the surface of the driveway. Heavy objects, in rare cases, may damage the surface of a resin driveway so it is worth taking precaution and avoid placing things like a heavy skip on there.

Despite all of the aforementioned benefits, a resin bound or bonded surfaced driveway does require some low-level maintenance in order to keep it looking as fantastic as the day it was installed.

What Precautions Can You Take? 

To avoid any unsightly stains, we recommend you should try to clear any debris, such as fallen foliage from nearby trees, and remove any litter left behind by careless children whenever possible. Keep the amount of dirt blown on to your driveway from sharp gusts of wind to a minimum by regular applying a combination of elbow grease and a stiff brush to the driveway surface.

Get Power Cleaning!

Once the driveway has been cleared, apply a jet wash to the surface area and take time to apply pressure to individual areas to ensure a thorough clean. If you do not have a jet wash at your disposal, hose down the surface area and repeat the brushing process to remove any muck. Alternatively, you can make use of a professional power cleaning service, saving you both time and effort!

Always take precaution when handling difficult to remove solutions such as oil and grease. If a spillage does occur, you should swiftly apply a jet wash and scrub until clear. You should take particular caution when handling solvents and always take time to check for any petrol stains, as both can harm the surface of the driveway as a result of softening the resin.

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