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Resin or Block Paving?

We’d like to look at the history of both before we look at the differences of the two driveway surfaces, block paving really started to become popular in the mid-1980s due to mass manufacturing of concrete blocks with basic colour blends, this made them attractive to customers, now you will find a wider range of colours and sizes of brick. Resin is a much more modern driveway surface choice, offering a wide range of colours, textures and designs.

Block Paving Driveways

There are a lot of positives with block paving bricks, they come in a range of colours and sizes and have adapted and change since they were first introduced in the 80s, but the main flaw in choosing the surface type is that they are not one smooth surface, they do have gaps allowing for contamination of unwanted growth to appear such as weeds, lichen, moss and grass.

This can be controlled with a power wash and the sand replaced with kiln dry sand to keep the unwanted growth at bay.

Block paving is a cheaper alternative to that of resin but as you can see the maintenance levels are much higher.

Resin Bound Driveways

An ever growing popular driveway surface choice, this is because of the wide range of colours available, the designs can be endless making it fit in with any property type or garden area.

As you find resin driveway surfaces are smooth, flat and in one piece, this means less maintenance work will be needed in the future.

Resin is SuDS complaint, meaning water can pass through it to the ground below.


Both can come in array of colours but resin does offer a wider range if you wish to go bespoke, in comparison resin is much lower maintenance than that of block paving.

Block paving is a cheaper option than that of resin, but with the extra time you need to invest along with the extra cost t to maintain a block paved driveway this will balance out overtime.

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