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Resin Vs Gravel

If you’ve heard about resin bound drives, chances are you may be wondering exactly why they are a better choice than the developer’s favourite cost-effective option - gravel drives. There are plenty of reasons to choose a resin driveway – today's article from Yorkshire Resin Company is a face-off between resin and gravel, which can only end with one winner!

Gravel Drives: You Get What You Pay For

There’s a reason why developers choose to install gravel driveways – they’re the cheapest option when it comes to driveway paving. But you do get what you pay for and a gravel drive can actually be false economy in the long run. Loose gravel is usually laid onto a compacted stone sub-base, but it can also be laid directly on top of softer surfaces like earth or grass.

A gravel drive looks great until you walk or drive on it – which kind of defeats the purpose! Displaced gravel and a messy appearance mean the aesthetic beauty of a gravel drive is short-lived. Gravel is quickly eaten up by the sub-base and constantly displaced, not to mention there’s the ongoing costs of replacement and maintenance as gravel drives are prone to potholing and weeds.

A Resin Bound Drive Pays for Itself

In contrast, a resin bound drive may cost slightly more to install initially, but quickly pays for itself with low long-term maintenance costs. You won’t have any weeds sprouting from your resin bound drive as there are no loose stones and a smooth surface finish. No displacement or loose gravel and a long lifespan (Yorkshire Resin Company's resin bound systems have a 10-year guarantee) means your drive stays looking beautiful for longer.

One of the main advantage of resin bound drives is that they’re porous, which means no water pooling on the surface or flooding – great in the winter when you might worry about slipping on ice. Excellent for everyday use, they are child friendly and the ideal choice for pushchairs or disabled access and wheelchairs due to their smooth surface. What’s more, you have tons of creative freedom with a resin bound drive as you can choose from a huge range of colours to create your own, unique design. Resin bound drives are environmentally friendly too.

There’s a pretty clear winner here, and it isn’t gravel! With so many reasons to choose a resin bound driveway, you may be wondering just how much it’s going to cost you. Why not get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote or to find out more about resin drives?

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