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Spring Clean Your Driveway

It’s spring again, now is the time to be getting into the garden and enjoying the sunshine! 

Here The Yorkshire Resin Company talks about the best ways to clean your driveway all ready for spring and summer. 

Driveways overtime naturally get dirty, oil stains from the car, mud from the garden and dirt from everyday usage.  

It’s really easy to give your driveway a quick clean such as giving the driveway a brush over and a sweep which will remove some surface debris such as mud and leaves however removing stains can be a lot more trickery. The worst stain of all being antifreeze. 

We take a look at some other options on how to fully spring clean your driveway. However if you want a professional spring clean we recommend our sister site Power Clean UK.


Pressure washing the driveway 

Firstly, remove all the loose materials from the drive, dirt, mud, stones, rubbish and even the car! 

Tape anything up that touches the driveway with cardboard such as your front door, porch and walls. This will protect them from flying debris keeping them clean from the pressure washer. 

It’s important to prepare and make sure which way the water will flow, create a flow such that excess water runs onto ideally the lawn and not a drain as this will add chemicals to the local water supply. 

Add a degreaser to the stained areas of the driveway let it soak into the stain for a number of hours and follow the products instructions when using. Now that the degreaser has soaked in using a metal brush scrub the stain a little. 

Use the pressure washer to clean the driveway allows taking note of the instructions of the pressure washer. If your driveway is a block driveway or flagstone driveway use a lower setting on the pressure washer itself. 

Add a detergent to the driveway but don’t allow this to dry before you add water to the driveway, using the nozzle of the pressure washer go back and forth along the driveway. 

Now we are ready to rinse the driveway clean of the detergent. Pay extra attention to the stained areas. 

Household Products to clean your driveway 

Option one - Apply a natural absorbent to your driveway stains such as baking soda or even cat litter allow this to soak in for around an hour wetting with water. Then with a broom brush this away. Repeat the process until you see a marked difference. 

Option two - Poor over the stain cola and brush into the marked area, allow to stand overnight. The next day with a wet towel blot the stain. 

Option three – Wet the stain and brush in over the top a dishwasher detergent, baking soda may also help. This again may need to be repeated. 

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