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The safety of resin in commercial spaces

As a leading supplier and installer of resin bound surfaces, one of our key priorities is to ensure that resin must be both safe and durable. 

The smooth, anti-slip surface lends itself to any environment and is an excellent surface for everyday use, whilst remaining child friendly and accessible for wheelchairs and prams.

In this article, we discuss the safety of resin, and why this is the ideal surface for commercial spaces.

Safety features

The safety of resin is a key factor when designing for a public space.

A versatile product, resin and rubber crumb services are fast catching the eye of architects who are finding that the design and durability factors make resin and rubber crumb the perfect materials for public walkways, parks and car parks.

For example, rubber crumb, which is ideal for parks and playgrounds, provides a non-slip surface, whilst the variety of colours lend a creative design element to the space. This is a perfect surface for children to play on, with little risk of slippage and grazing.

As well as the concern of safety, public spaces need to be accessible for disabled users with wheelchairs and parents with prams. 

Resin bound surfaces offer an array of benefits over surfaces such as tarmac and asphalt.
For instance, hazards such as ice and flooding are kept at bay by the durability and anti-slip finish of resin, reducing the risk of falls, thus making it a perfect application for public spaces.

The durability of resin makes this a cost-effective surface with minimal maintenance.
Regular sweeping, hosing down and power cleaning preserve the product and will keep it looking its best,

Value for money

As well as being environmentally friendly, resin bound surfaces are durable and skid resistant - ideally suited for public spaces.

A hard-wearing surface, architects are choosing resin as a value for money, low maintenance option, whilst the range of combinations and colours results in a beautifully-designed space, whilst maintaining public safety.

If you have a commercial project you want to discuss, Yorkshire Resin Company offers expert advice and installation, as well as reduced rates for resin maintenance.

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