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Why Resin Driveways Are the Surface Choice for Colder Months

Resin driveways have many advantages over other potential driveway surfaces, some of the main advantages are what they can provide over other surfaces in winter months, with resins permeable surface stopping the likes of flooding during heavy rainfall, ice and snow making it ideal in colder, wetter months.

Some of the other advantages in winter include:

  • Resin driveways provide excellent safety, no puddles on the driveway means that isn’t any chance of ice patches, vastly reducing the risk of slip hazards. This is something you can’t say for the likes of block paving, tarmac and concrete. If you really want to see how resin excels then you can watch how it dissolves snow when it lands on its permeable surface.
  • You will find during excessive periods of wet weather that weeds can appear in some driveway surfaces, however if resin is installed correctly to right specifications this is extremely reduced, meaning less time with maintenance work. All though you will still need to have some levels of upkeep.
  • Less dirt – Less dirty puddles means less dirt is spread around, either when a car tyre hits the puddle or by accidental footfall through the puddle. This means that less dirt will be spread around the property.

Can you install a resin driveway in winter months?

There isn’t a reason why you can’t have a new resin driveway installed in winter months, they can be installed all year round. Some things that you should note.

  • Resin could take a little longer to cure in colder months, so it may take a little longer before you can use the driveway.
  • You can’t lay resin onto a wet sub-base so the installation date could be affected or changed due to the weather.

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