Nightmare Resin Driveways Gone Wrong

Resin bound paving is an excellent alternative to paved, tarmac or gravel driveways and is the perfect way to add a bespoke touch to your property. Providing excellent drainage, a resin driveway is permeable, reducing flooding risk, whilst also being a smoother, more stable surface than gravel. So it’s more than ideal for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Small stones are fixed together with high-tech resin to provide a durable surface with no loose stones. Resin driveways are low maintenance too, as the surface minimises ice and puddles, whilst also reducing mould and weed growth.


Why You Should Always Trust Professional Installers


When resin driveways go wrong, the results can be disastrous. We have helped thousands of customers across the UK to repair sub-standard work carried out by unprofessional driveway installers. We’ve seen poor surface preparation, bad installation, the wrong choice of resin, uneven surfaces and the wrong aggregate to resin ratios, all resulting in an unusable driveway and extra expense for the customer.


What Happens When Resin Driveways Go Wrong?


When things go wrong with your resin driveway, it could end up costing you time and money to fix. If laid in wet weather, foaming can occur that can be costly to repair and you may need to pay for the cost of installing an entirely new driveway.

Issues can occur when the aggregate to resin ratios are off too, and the wrong choice of resin for the stone below can lead to sub-standard results. Preparation is key, and by failing to prepare surfaces and ensure they’re even, the installation of a resin driveway could go badly wrong.


Choose an Accredited Company


So how do you know that the installer you’re choosing can carry out the installation of your driveway to the required standards? Whilst you could ask to see previous customer testimonials, accreditation is also important. The Yorkshire Resin Company Ltd is a Corporate Member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and we’ve also been accredited by FeRFA, The Resin Flooring Association, as well as a number of other associations.

All our installations come with a 10-year guarantee and our team of professionals prides themselves on attention to detail. We provide a complete package of services, from design to installation and aftercare, to ensure that our customers are left satisfied.

We also offer a free site survey and no obligation quotation, using a dedicated preparation and maintenance team, Power Clean, to prepare your driveway before installing the resin bound paving. Our aftercare service includes the option for existing customers to have an annual power clean at a reduced rate, keeping your driveway looking as good as new for longer.

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