Resin Bound Specification

This is the specification of a typical Resin Bound Driveway which allows the finished surface to be permeable, hard wearing and aesthetically beautiful as well as a SUDs [Sustainable Urban Drainage System].

Our Resin Bound Drives minimise puddles, ice and growth of mould and weeds and due to their permeability, require very little maintenance. Resin Bound Driveways also do not require planning permission as they create a Sustainable Urban Drainage System [SUDs].

What are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems?

SUDS are drainage solutions that provide an alternative to the direct channelling of surface water through man-made networks to nearby watercourses. 

By mimicking natural drainage regimes, SUDS aim to reduce surface water flooding, improve water quality and enhance the amenity and biodiversity value of the environment. SUDs achieve this by lowering flow rates, increasing water storage capacity and reducing the transport of pollution to the water environment. 

The need for alternative drainage such as SUDs is likely to increase to meet environmental challenges such as climate change and population growth. Provision for SUDs and the national standards required for their design, construction, maintenance and operation is included in the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.



If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to block paving, tarmac or concrete, a resin bound driveway is the right choice. 



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