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Real and artificial lawn – The questions you should ask!

Choosing what to lay across your garden space is an important decision, there are pros and cons to consider with whatever you decide artificial grass or real turf. What are the important questions you should consider?

  • How much can you afford on the materials and installation?
  • Would real turf have the right growing conditions?
  • Is the garden being used by children?
  • Have you time for maintenance and up keep?

You can read more about artificial aftercare here: Real lawns need more care and attention than artificial grass that goes without saying, frequent water and feeding, mowing and general upkeep such as raking fallen leaves.

It’s all about the durability!

You’ll find a good artificial grass and being well installed by a reputable company will last for around 10 years. No matter how durable the artificial grass is it won’t repair itself.

However when it comes to natural turf it can be replaced quite easily.

What’s the difference in cost?

This is normally the first question that man consider. Natural turf is a low cost investment, artificial grass has a considerable cost to outlay, firstly purchasing the artificial grass itself followed by the installation.

Natural lawn

Strengths – Smells good, lush when well looked after, great for young families

Weaknesses – Needs to be maintained, can become soggy and muddy if drainage isn’t sufficient, there is a cost with weed killers and fertilizers if required, may need to replace turf in bald patches.

Artificial Grass

Strengths – Low maintenance and will last for years to come, highly durable, if you choose the right artificial grass it can look like the real thing, lots of options to choose from.

Weaknesses – You’ll find it has to be professionally installed, may store hear, not ideal for young families unless you invest in a premium artificial grass.

The Yorkshire Resin Company

Here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we install the very best in artificial grass when it comes to premium materials, you’ll find our range of Royal Grass will look and feel like the real thing.

You can be rest assured with peace of mind that all our installation come with a full 10 year guarantee.




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Great work and fabulous staff.

Great work and fabulous staff.

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