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When driveways do go wrong!

In the last couple of weeks it’s been in the news of when driveways have gone wrong right from the installation stage, sometimes its just common sense and you don’t have to be an expert to know that something isn’t right. We’re sure that these mistakes can be rectified and hopefully not made again.

Here are a couple examples:

New Home Faced Demolition As Driveways Were Installed Too Steep

A row of houses in Blaina, Wales faced demolition, in total seven properties faced being demolished before even being lived all because their driveways had been installed too steep, it emerged later that they’d been installed without the right planning permission granted.

Council officials said the homes did not match the planning permission that was granted, the steepness of the driveway that was surrounded by steep walls caused drivers visibility problems.

Alterations will be needed to the heights of some of the garden walls to make the driveways safe for residents and drivers.

Driveway Entrances Painted Red

Furious residents in Acklam just outside Middlesbrough, complained that their drives now looked like something from toy town.

The council as part of their improvements for cyclists had painted the entrances of driveways red to help alert them to what could be oncoming vehicles.

Many residents have stated the cyclists should know that their cycle lane is approaching the entrance to driveways and this shouldn’t be needed, some even saying the choice of green would have been so much better than the red that was used.

The Yorkshire Resin Company

Sometimes unforeseen problems and issues can occur, but these can be limited and rectified easily when you have experts in their fields pre-plan the groundworks and installation beforehand, consistently checking and working to predefined plans and procedures.

This is something here at The Yorkshire Resin Company we take great pride in, after our initial site survey were we provide with a quote, if you decide to go ahead, we’ll return at a later date and do what we call a job pack.

A job pack is when we re-visit the property and draw the driveway, pathway and patio areas out onto the area. It’s also when you’ll decide on the finish, choice of edging and all the other finer details of what you require.

It’s also when we take photos and a walk through video, here we’ll capture the plan of action, any health and safety issues that may surface and finally we’ll go over the equipment that will be required for the installation.

The above we find minimises any problems that may arise, it also gives the customer piece of mind that the installation process of their new resin driveway we’ll be installed to the correct specifications.

Free On-Site Survey

If you’re interested in a new resin driveway, then contact us directly either via our online contact forms or by calling us directly on 0113 272 1030.

We’ll take some details and get you booked in with one of a specialist surveyors.

All project requirements are different, therefore Yorkshire Resin provide a site survey and quotation FREE of charge. Get a Free Quote!

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Excellent job . My drive looks great. I can certainly recommend this company to friends. All involved in the different stages worked so hard and were very considerate. Thank you

Yvonee Sanderson
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