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Why Resin is Perfect in the Garden

When it comes to improving your garden, installing a resin bound driveway is the best way forward. If you’re in the market for a new resin driveway and you’re wondering exactly what benefits resin gives you, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Let us take you through some of the qualities that this product has, as well as pointing out what it can do for your beloved front garden.

Permeable Ability

It is imperative that a resin bound drive has the ability to let water drain through naturally. What this means, especially in the UK, is that your driveway will never be covered in puddles or ice. This ability will be a saving grace throughout the year. This can lower the risk of slips and falls dramatically, meaning you’re not putting yourself or your family in any risk of danger.

Pretty to Look at

Of course, the primary purpose of a driveway is to house your vehicle and provide a safe passage between your front door and the outside world. However, there is limitless potential to turn your resin driveway into an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece too. Due to the materials used to make the compound, resin is incredibly decorative, meaning you can style and personalise to your taste.

This is a big advantage over other paving options, as they don’t possess the same design flexibility as resin. This can mean your driveway can look a bit plain and boring, which won’t offer much on the eye for passers-by.

Self-Cleaning (Almost)

Apologies if we got your hopes up! If only we had fully self-cleaning driveways, it would save us all so much time! However, they do require minimal maintenance. The permeable surface means no water collects on the top, so the colour doesn’t fade. All it takes is a brush and some warm water. Once a month should be enough!

No Need for Permission

Planning permission isn’t required to lay a new surface less than , if said surface is permeable. This is thanks to the legislation passed by the UK government back in 2008. This is handy to know, but if you have any concerns about whether your garden meets the requirements, please do get in touch with your local council authority.

Want to Know More?

Intrigued by the potential of a resin bound drive? Got a hundred and one questions? Let’s have a talk then! You can get in touch with us here at Yorkshire Resin Company on 0113 272 1030 to quench your curiosity!

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All the workmen worked hard and…

All the workmen worked hard and efficiently and it is a top quality job. Wonderful no more standing water on the drive.

Barbara Brittain
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