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Why Resin Supersedes Other Driveway Materials

There once was a time where near enough every driveway in the country was tarmacked, as the product was easily accessible to all. What people didn’t anticipate is that over time, their trusty tarmac drive would start to deteriorate, oxidise and ultimately wear away to loose lumps.

Many aspects of the way we live have transformed over the years. Technology, healthcare, medicine and subsidisation – you name it. Driveways also come under this list and we’re here to tell you about the new generation of driveways.

Resin Rises Above All

Resin driveways have turned from a risky alternative into an irresistible force. Resin driveways possess a permeable surface that repels air and water, which radically reduces the risk of drainage issues and limits the number of puddles surfacing on the top layer. This permeable surface also means you can construct a hard landscape, without having to ask for planning permission from your local authority.

A resin driveway’s silky, smooth finish will provide your front garden with a remarkable feature that is ideal for those with infirm habitants; including disabled pedestrians, families with pushchairs and the avid cyclists. The smooth finish also guarantees no loose stones which can be trudged into the home or even tripped over, depending on the size.

How About This Colour?

A recurring issue with tarmac driveways, or driveways which use other materials such as concrete, is that there isn’t the opportunity to really personalise and create a decorative driveway. With resin driveways, you can be as creative and as personal as you wish. You can pick from an unlimited colour range, which can allow you to mix and match your colours, creating your very own bespoke driveway.

Regardless of which colour(s) you have, you’ll possess a hard-wearing driveway. No matter how often pedestrian feet or bulky tyres come into contact with your driveway, it won’t lose its appearance or functionality.

Why Choose a Resin Driveway over Tarmac or Concrete?

The fact that a resin driveway is 10 times more eco-friendly than other materials such as concrete is a huge advantage, especially if you are taking the planet into consideration. Also, with materials such as tarmac, concrete and even block-paving, the end result is visually bland. The colour can’t change and you’re stuck with the colour scheme it arrived as.

However, a visually stunning resin driveway, in whichever colour you desire, will set your front garden aside from the rest – including your neighbours!

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