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Resin vs Tarmac

Every now and then, the time comes to have a new driveway laid. After all, your driveway is outside 24/7 and is expected to take the weight of vehicles; so it should be expected that it will pick up wear and tear over time. When the time does come for a new driveway, this means that there are decisions to be made on what type of driveway you want. This is often tricky – as there may be more to consider than you first think.

Two of the most popular options you are likely to encounter are a resin bound drive or tarmac, so which one should you choose? In this article, the experts at Yorkshire Resin Company take you through the options...

Fitting your Budget

Choosing a driveway is the same as choosing so many other things, in that budget is likely to be a major factor. With this in mind, a tarmac driveway will look like the better option at first glance because it will probably be the less costly of the two. While it may save you some money in the short term, though, a resin driveway is likely to last longer, representing better value for money overall.

Resin Bound Drive Appearance

Putting budget aside, most of us would prefer the option that we find more aesthetically pleasing. While it is a matter of personal preference, and taking into account that tarmac is reasonably appealing, a resin driveway is likely to be the most attractive in terms of looks. You are able to choose from a selection of aggregates of different colours meaning you are more likely to find something you prefer, whereas your options with tarmac are considerably more limited. Also, you are able to be more creative with resin to help you achieve something quite unique.

Resin Bound Drive: Convenience

We are generally busy as it is, so we will want to avoid taking on extra chores where possible. This can include cleaning and maintaining the driveway, but a resin bound drive can help to alleviate that somewhat. Because the resin holds the aggregate together, there is no need to go sweeping it back into place.

The resin also makes a waterproof seal and cleaning can be done with a stiff broom occasionally. The resin seal over the aggregate also means that water cannot penetrate and that weeds cannot take hold.

If you are choosing between resin and tarmac, these are just some of things you will need to take into consideration. While cost is likely to be an important factor, spending a bit more will likely be the better option overall if you are able to do so. Please feel free to contact Yorkshire Resin Company and ask us anything you like, especially if you’re torn between the choice of resin and tarmac.

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Excellent customer service from start to finish and the work teams were polite and efficient. Driveway looks stunning and has drawn many admiring glances and favourable comments. Would definately recommend.

J&J Baldwin
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