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Should I Resurface or Replace My Driveway?

Considering that your driveway is constantly exposed to the weather, it is no wonder that it is vulnerable to wear and tear over time. While the rest of your property is safely sheltered in some way, your driveway will receive little to no protection from the elements at all. Driveways also tend to see a lot of footfall plus, of course, they have to withstand the weight of vehicles and any oil spillages that may occur. In time, it may become necessary to have your driveway resurfaced or replaced completely.

This means that a decision will need to be made either way, and it is not always easy to be sure which option is the best for you. What you do decide upon would depend largely on the finished result you are hoping for and, of course, your budget.

No Job Too Large

Regardless of whether or not a resurface or a replacement is required, we are more than happy to be of service. Our professional and experienced team will ensure that you are left delighted with the service provided. We use only our own tried and trusted team members, so we are absolutely sure that you have skilled and knowledgeable people working on your job. We ensure that the job is thoroughly done from the groundwork to the surface, to help ensure that your new driveway is left looking good for long into the future.

Long-Term Protection

While we ensure the best workmanship possible, your new driveway will still be subject to wear and tear and weathering. To help provide long-term protection, our resin drive surface will help to guard your driveway to help keep it looking as good as new for long into the future. The resin also helps to prevent any loose stones and gravel, which is ideal for people that might have difficulties with a loose surface. It also helps to prevent the surface from being lost over time.

Easy Maintenance

In addition to helping to keep your new driveway looking good, our resin drive surface also helps to reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning that is required. Weeds and mould will find it much harder to take hold, while a smoother surface helps to prevent puddles. An occasional sweep with a stiff broom should be all that’s required to keep your driveway in great condition. Our resin drives help to ensure that you have a practical and great looking driveway for years to come.

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