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The Importance of a Great Driveway

At the Yorkshire Resin Company, we understand the importance of a beautiful driveway - a driveway is the focal point of the front of your home. A well-designed driveway adds elegance to your property and can be crafted to complement the existing features of your house and front landscape.

We provide a range of resin bound driveway options so as to give you a variety of choices that help to create a bespoke driveway that suits you.

Resin Bound Driveway: A Driveway Done the Right Way

We believe the resin bound driveway will, in time, supplant the more common driveway options of the 1970s and 1980s (concrete and flagstones) as being the most common driveway option.

Indeed, the majority of new build houses tend to include a resin driveway as a standard feature of the home, whilst concrete and flagstone options are increasingly being viewed as dated and not fit for long-term purpose.

The Beauty of a Resin Bonded Driveway

Concrete and flagstones are prone to cracking and, in particular, fading as a result of rain saturation. Neither concrete nor flagstones tend to retain their original lustre for longer than 12 months and quickly fade to a dull hue.

A resin bonded drive, on the other hand, actually absorbs rainfall and filters it through its upper layer and into the ground below. Moreover, the chemical composition of a resin bound driveway means that its permeable top layer is additionally protected against the erosive effects of rain in the long term.

Thus, one of the important features of a resin drive surface is that is retains its original beauty and appearance over the long term.

Safety Features

As a result of the weather resistant properties afforded by resin, your surface will not become structurally weakened and thus prone to cracking and loosening – as is the case with other driveway options. A resin bonded drive thus provides an important safety feature in that tripping hazards cannot form as a result of loose stones or cracks in the surface.

We effectively create a singular stretch of material by pouring a resin mixture in to the allocated driveway space. Once this is levelled and sets you need not ever worry about gaps, ridges, cracks or loose stones ever again.

Ease of Maintenance

Another important feature of a resin bound driveway is the ease with which they can be maintained. Our resin driveways are installed, levelled and set as a singular piece of material and finished to the highest professional standards. There won’t be any bumps, ridges or gaps where dirt can accumulate and all that is needed to maintain the cleanliness of your driveway is a sweep with a stiff bristle brush once every couple of weeks.

If you intend to store vehicles on your driveway then you may be worried about potential oil leaks and how these could affect the appearance and safety of your driveway. In the event of such a leak then you may wish to jet wash your driveway or simply remove the spill with a brush and hot soapy water. Again, due to its chemical make-up, oil will not bind to resin and affect its long-term appearance, as can be the case with concrete and flagstones.

A Comprehensive Service

If you are considering the addition of a resin bound or bonded driveway to the front of your home, you’ll be pleased to know we offer a comprehensive service; including consultation, advice on design schemes, installation and aftercare.

Our team possesses a wealth of experience in creating a decorative driveway finish for your home and we have previously worked on all manner of projects – from large-scale commercial installations to bespoke designs that complement existing front landscapes.

Should you require any further information then please contact us on 0113 253 7527 and we will happily answer any questions that you may have!

All project requirements are different, therefore Yorkshire Resin provide a site survey and quotation FREE of charge. Get a Free Quote!

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Friendly and professional service - very impressed with the whole process from start to finish. Did a great job laying a new pool floor for our business which looks fantastic. Very happy and would recommend.

Mark Cowan
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